... by lastrami_


No cats were harmed for this snapshot ;)
Oh... I so love an orange kitty! So many faves... I look forward to where your photo journey goes!
May 24th, 2019  
glad to hear no cats were harmed

Brilliant timing
May 24th, 2019  
Great timing! He has so much character.
May 25th, 2019  
fabulous capture!!
May 25th, 2019  
@elatedpixie @ninaganci @grannysue @lynnz
Heartfelt thanks for your wonderful comments and favs ♥
Too bad that I "cut off" his ears, but he was so quick (and my cellphone camera is a little sluggish).
I'm happy you like the pic anyway :)
May 25th, 2019  
Glad that no cats were harmed. Hope that no people were harmed.
May 30th, 2019  
@vesna0210 haha, no, don't worry, we are all fine :D
By the way: I bended forward to take a snapshot of this cat with my phone, when he suddenly tried to catch a strand of my hair. Have a wonderful weekend!
June 22nd, 2019  
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