Day 30 by laurentye

Day 30

Okay it's official: My BlackBerry takes awful pictures. I didn't even bother trying to edit this, but that's okay :)

So now I have completed 30 days in a row of pictures. On June 3rd My goal was to complete 30 days and then see how I felt about doing another full year. Although I enjoyed it at first, I have to admit that my enthusiasm quickly disappeared. I found that most days because of the baby, pictures were the last thing on my mind and I started to not put much effort in. Most of my shots have been last minute attempts just to get a picture of ANYTHING. So... I will go back to just posting when I feel like it, but like before I will still pop in to say hi and see pictures from those I follow, etc.

Maybe in the future when I have this whole 'being a mom thing' figured out, then I may find more time for photography :)

ps. I did take this picture on the correct day - however it seems my phone does not record the info??? the time and date shown is when I downloaded the picture onto my computer (as I'm posting this a day late)
It's not going to get any less busy anytime soon! Just a little head's up :) Cute shot of you two
July 4th, 2012  
LOL! I love it! You captured that moment so well, Lauren! It's not so awful! I love your smile! Do what you need to do! I'll be here for a little while. =)
July 4th, 2012  
@slang noooooo! I told myself it will get easier! haha well i like to believe I will just get more use to the hectic, busy life!
July 4th, 2012  
@marlboromaam thanks! I'll keep stopping by to say hi to you and see your pics!
July 4th, 2012  
It's such a sweet, sweet capture, Lauren. You caught the essence of motherhood and that's what is so charming here. I do understand how the first year is so very busy with a new baby. Enjoy that time. We'll be here.
July 4th, 2012  
I'm guessing your phone is messed up because of Leap Year? Although it should fix it self as far as the date is concerned, that extra day could muck things up on the calendar.

I'm sorry the little guy is keeping you so busy and your photography is falling by the wayside. I will miss your daily feed, but will keep following you as you journey through this adventure we call parenthood.

Your little guy looks a lot like you.
July 4th, 2012  
you guys are too cute!!!
i hope you DO stop in every once in a while to say hi and upload a photo every now and then :) I always enjoy your shots...even if to you, they dont seem like much, i think they are great :) Enjoy your time being a new mom tho :) I can only imagine how busy it is!!! talk to you soon :)
July 4th, 2012  
like the cute composition of this photo, just relax and enjoy and stop back occasionally
July 4th, 2012  
okay so the blackberry pic is not the best quality but it is a nice one of the two of you. Enjoy being a Mom and I will look forward to you popping in once in awhile
July 4th, 2012  
mr blackberry is not so good on the phoo side but a lovely pic. Think your doing the right thing just posting when you can it keeps the enjoyment up & also no pressure :)
July 4th, 2012  
awwww Lauren, this is a lovely shot of you both :)
July 4th, 2012  
Cute capture
July 6th, 2012  
nice shot, I'm not a fan of phone pics....
yeah, 365 is becoming a bit of a chore. Even for me, daily uploading continuously used to ensure you're in the loop and don't miss the chats and the laughs, but really its no more interesting. Be sure to drop by if I'm still around, and I hope you eventually get some free time to take photos!
July 8th, 2012  
Cute shot.
July 15th, 2012  
Adorable. :)
July 21st, 2012  
So lovely... hope all is well with you ♥
August 23rd, 2012  
The Blackberry even tints the photo blackberry too.
September 9th, 2012  
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