• January 2011

1st Jan 2011 - the calm before the (monsoon) storm
2nd Jan 2011 - day 2 - I was determined to make day 2 macro day
3rd Jan 2011 - today is my last day of enjoying this view after 3 months here in Darwin
4th Jan 2011 - agapanthus stamens
5th Jan 2011 - lensbaby plastic optic with star aperture and macro 10x treatment on "Just Joey" rosebud
6th Jan 2011 - today's lesson: when you take time to smell the flowers, first of all check inside the flowers
7th Jan 2011 - old shed (possibly an oast house) Phillip Island
8th Jan 2011 - fisheye on the road to Flynn Beach - sunset
9th Jan 2011 - coils
10th Jan 2011 - Emo cow - Phillip Island
11th Jan 2011 - my view for the next 6 months - Poon San Christmas Island
12th Jan 2011 - rain falling - from the roof over my balcony Christmas Island
13th Jan 2011 - pigeon taking off from nearby tree - heavy crop
14th Jan 2011 - my home for the next 6 months - bedsit apartment Poon Saan Christmas Island (Indian Ocean)
15th Jan 2011 - golden bosun bird
16th Jan 2011 - blue crab Christmas Island
17th Jan 2011 - Christmas Island Robber Crab
18th Jan 2011 - bommie in the rain, FlyingFish Cove, Christmas Island
19th Jan 2011 - Christmas Island is famous for the red crabs -this one is endeavouring to eat what appeared to be a pistachio nut shell
20th Jan 2011 - the crabs are very important on the island - there are numerous signs urging people to take care to not run them over
21st Jan 2011 - tonight I tried something new - a handheld night-time shot, renewed my affection for the "nifty 50": Tai Pak Kong temple - Temple Court CI
22nd Jan 2011 - Golden Bosun Bird - Settlement Christmas Island - today the Bosun birds put on a tremendous show, swooping and diving right over the chemist and the temple from last night's shot
23rd Jan 2011 - my first underwater photography - green stone coral
24th Jan 2011 - sunset from my balcony - one of the first times the weather has been kind enough to provide a sunset since I arrived here. The batteries for my 5DII are all flat and my charger still hasn't arrived in the mail - so today's photo had t come from my IXUS 110IS p&s
25th Jan 2011 - Every year the red crabs make their way form their home n the rain forest down to the sea to spawn, there are millions of crabs that make the journey at full moon in the wet season each year. To protect the travelling crabs, roads are closed as it would be impossible to travel without running them over. Apparently all signs read closed during the red crab migration. And this is pretty much all the roads on the island.
26th Jan 2011 - Blue lined Surgeonfish - second snorkelling trip
27th Jan 2011 - Red footed Booby in a tree
28th Jan 2011 - mexican tin bird on my wall - on rainy windy days after a long day at work it gets difficult to find something for project 365
29th Jan 2011 - little nipper crab (Geograpsus grayi) Christmas Island
30th Jan 2011 - wall to wall fish - Fivebar flagtail - made me think of an escher fish print
31st Jan 2011 - Sunset Christmas Island (from my balcony). Sometimes I think I should have made it 365 days of skies, clouds, sunrises and sunsets.