On the road again.  by leananiemand

On the road again.

At last, I was on the move again. Emiel and I set off at midday and cycled the short 6 km to Pattaya Station, where we caught a train to Bangkok, leaving us with just enough time to board the train to the border town of Nong Khai.

First, let me introduce you to my cycling companion. Emiel hails from the Netherlands and was in Thailand for a Muay Thai boxing course. His course had ended, but as he was flying out on 20 June, and both of us had to do a visa run, it made sense to catch a train to Lao and cycle back. I hoped he would enjoy it.

It was an eventful start. Loading the bikes onto the train via a rather narrow door, in the process blocking two carriages, was only the beginning. The poor conductor had to climb over two bicycles to do his job.
Good to see you posting again Leana. I was only thinking yesterday that I hadn't seen any of your photos for a while.
June 15th, 2018  
Yes, it is wonderful to see you here again. Welcome back. I don't have much time for FB these days. That platform looks mighty narrow to me ;-)
June 15th, 2018  
Can you forward to following you on your journeys. Such an interesting subject and composition for this photo
June 15th, 2018  
*looking forward*
June 15th, 2018  
To many to comment each. Love them all.
June 15th, 2018  
I do see your adventures on Facebook but its great to see you back posting on here too.
June 16th, 2018  
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