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Why my day sucked:
- Amazon.com/Amazon.co.uk only accept credit/master/visa card. I don't have one.
- The things I want are ridiculous expensive via Amazon.de because they are "imported".
- I didn't won the book on eBay because someone bid on it the very last minute.
- The WBShop as well only accepts credit/master/visa card. I still don't have one.
- Hot Topic UK has nothing amazing in stock and generally sucks.
- Hot Topic US has like everything awesome in stock but:
- Shipping costs from the US are fucking HIGH.
- Oh, and Hot Topic US only tells you at the very last step that it doesn't accept payments via PayPal if the account is a non-american one.


I bought myself microwave popcorn and listened to the new StS album for nearly all day. Tomorrow I will have to work nine hours at the mall, so I guess my mood won't get any better soon.
Well bummer, sorry you had such a bad day, and are not looking forward to tomorrow. Music therapy is good :)
November 3rd, 2010  
Without music I would probably not be alive anymore. Thanks to a bunch of wonderful people it has gotten much better this days :)

How are at the moment, dear?
November 7th, 2010  
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