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My name is Leon Buijs, 36 years old and living in the South of The Netherlands.

Now in year 5 of the project, the first year I did the whole one photo a day thing (well I did have to use some fillers). In year 2 I took a more lenient approach, as I have most time to photograph in the weekend that's when I take most of my shots. So am shooting in weekends and uploading during the week. From year 3 forward I stopped uploading every day as my current job takes too much of my time.

My favourite subjects are wildlife / zoolife and macro photography, I do however also like to experiment in other kinds of photography like Urbex. I try to challenge myself to take more photo's of people.

Thank you to all my followers for your comments, favs and suggestions during this year, I appreciate all comments and I know it isn't done a lot on 365 but critique is also welcome.

I do have a personal website dedicated to my photography it can be found at www.lb83.nl currently the text is only in Dutch but am planning on translating and expanding the website.

It took me close to 500 shots to get my first photo on the Popular page, so don't despair it is possible. :-D