Bonetober Year 7 by lesip

Bonetober Year 7

INCOMING !!!! Oh no we have a visitor. Now where did she go?

Yes, I did order a broom for this picture. It now stands on the porch by the witch. You can always use another broom right? We only have half a dozen ...
LOL! Got to have at least a few anyhow! Great shot!
October 28th, 2020  
October 29th, 2020  
Seems like the perfect form of conveyance to me. Jumping the broom is something Bones should not do, however!
October 29th, 2020  
Watch out for those witches Bones!!
October 29th, 2020  
October 29th, 2020  
Nice shot.
October 29th, 2020  
Fabulous shot and narrative.
October 29th, 2020  
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