Surgery Day by lesip

Surgery Day

Took mom for her outpatient surgery today. She broke a bone in her elbow last Tuesday. So thankful when the surgeon came out and said the surgery went as planned and mom was doing good. It was a long stressful day but so glad that it is now behind us.
Wishing your Mom a speedy recovery.
May 25th, 2019  
So glad that day is behind you and that your mom is doing well.
May 25th, 2019  
One of the amazing things that happened when my elderly mother broke her hip - years ago - was they gave her morphine for her pain and I really have never known how funny she was!
May 25th, 2019  
Ouch, hope your Mom is on the mend soon.
May 25th, 2019  
Glad it went well! Hope she gets better quickly.
May 25th, 2019  
Glad she's doing well.
May 26th, 2019  
Glad all went well
May 27th, 2019  
Hope your mom feel good now.
May 30th, 2019  
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