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I live in Montreal with my husband, 2.5 year old son and 9 month old daughter. I have been on 365 project on and off for 4 years. I wish I could say I would stick around for the full year, but I know that life gets in the way and it most likely will not happen, but I will keep posting when I can.

I work mainly on an entry level DSLR - Pentax K50 with the 2 lenses that it came with. Sometimes I post from my phone or from my Canon S100 point and shoot. While I like taking photos of different things, since becoming a mommy in March 2014, the majority of my project is of my children. They are growing so quickly and I want to capture the moments when they are young to remember them.

I have always loved taking pictures and am now trying to improve my skills. I appreciate all of your comments, feedback, criticism.