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I am a retired teacher and enjoying this project very much. I live in Texas in Sun City (Georgetown) and not far from Austin, though I do like to travel especially in the US where I can drive. I have my motorhome in Bandera area which is one of the most beautiful areas in the Hill Country of Texas. Love it there especially in the fall and spring.
I did not really expect this to be such a social experience and I am enjoying that aspect of it also. I love seeing all the great photography in here and feel like I will learn a lot from the experience. I enjoy the comments and sharing. I don't always reply back but love to comment on those photos I really like. I think that is so very encouraging.
Thanks to everyone for their comments, suggestions, and favs.
I am not too good at respnding to comments unless it is a question or a special request. However, I read and appreciate all comments and try to keep up with all of your photos. I love to see all the great photography in here from all over the world. It is exciting and often gives me ideas of how I could do my own photos better. I like to use the time I would spend thanking everyone for their encouragement to view your photos instead and commenting on those. Know that I really appreciate all comments, criticisms, and favs. It does keep me going.
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