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Mummy to two fantastic girls, who, without a doubt, are my complete world and more. Also engaged to Andy, who i have been with for over 7 years. Loves him lots too. We live in North Wales, UK.

I'm not a professional photographer, but I do enjoy taking photographs. I would love to reach that professional level :o)

Joined January 1st 2011. My goal is to take the picture each day, and upload that picture onto here the same day :o)

I hardly ever edit or crop my photographs. If i do edit, it is done in Corel Paintshop Photo Pro X3. I know this programme (well, PSP 9 as it was back then haha!), from when i use to make digital scrap pages. I will say when I've edited a picture. Otherwise they will be straight from the camera, other than my lil logo :o)

Get my website shared in this space too ;o)


My other half - Andy Wynn (@greedy456) xXx

Back, and with an Ace account -- 14th February 2012! Thank you to Andy and our girls for my early birthday present. xXx

December 2013 - Not logged onto here in a long time - come back to find my main 365 album (2012) has been deleted and gone! :o( Good thing I had the photos all saved on my computer!