Hanoi Hustle and Bustle by lily

Hanoi Hustle and Bustle

A long weekend trip to the capital of Vietnam - bustling Hanoi
This is really interesting with the blurred effects. Gives a sense of chaos!
March 15th, 2010  
Yep. Just imagine for any of us to be in that chaos...it would be scary. Love this picture...it illustrates it perfectly.
March 15th, 2010  
You really captured the feeling of the place in that shot. brilliant
March 15th, 2010  
Wow - great shot! So different from thr traquility of many of your photos.
March 15th, 2010  
totally neat shot.. love it!
March 15th, 2010  
March 15th, 2010  
This captures so well the crazyness of Asia I miss... wonderful pic :-)
March 16th, 2010  
Great capture!
March 16th, 2010  
Your concept of this image translated perfectly to a photo! It certainly conveys the chaos in the city street!
March 16th, 2010  
March 18th, 2010  
sooo good!
March 20th, 2010  
you caught the bustling well - great shot.
December 28th, 2010  
great shot

i spend a day in Hanoi last month and saw the traffic like this, but did not take such a nice shot
January 16th, 2011  
Laerke I just discovered your Vietnam pictures! They are amazing! I've faved, like, all of them!! I just got back from 6 weeks in Vietnam. I bought a motorbike in Saigon and drove the 2000km up to Hanoi, and particularly love this shot as it captures the craziness of the city. Hard to believe that less than a month ago I was one of the motorbike drivers part of this rabble!

I wish I'd been able to capture half of what you did in your time in that amazing country. Seeing all your photos makes me want to go back there RIGHT NOW!! :)
July 29th, 2011  
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