Mayfield Park by lisaconrad

Mayfield Park

There is this little park in town that has several Peacocks running around loose. It was a really cute park with stone archways, fish ponds and of course a lot of Peacocks. I didn't realize how close I was going to be able to get to them. Unfortunately, none of them fanned out their feather for us to see. I will just have to go back again.
Wonderful pic!
March 8th, 2011  
great shot, Lisa! I had fun going to the park with you and next time we will get one to show it's "true" colors. :)
March 8th, 2011  
I thought that looked like Mayfield when I was browsing thumbnails! Fantastic capture. He is just gorgeous! I just love that place - going to have to get out there myself before it gets too hot.
March 8th, 2011  
Thanks @bill_d. @mandyrob, thanks for the follow. That was my first time at Mayfield Park. I'm hoping this project will get me out and about and I will explore parts of Austin that I have never been to before.
March 9th, 2011  
@lisaconrad Is Mayfield Park the same places as Laguna Gloria? @ LG, they have beautiful peacocks wandering around too. I took an art class out there once--it's gorgeous. And this is a nice shot--love the blue in the peacock's neck.
March 10th, 2011  
@daisymae, Laguna Gloria is right next door to Mayfield Park. I haven't been to Laguna Gloria yet, but I'm planning going soon. It looks beautiful from the outside. That bright sapphire blue is my favorite color.
March 10th, 2011  
they are such beautiful birds
September 30th, 2011  
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