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Hi I'm Lisa. I live in St Petersburg, FL. Photography has been my hobby since I was about 13 yo when my Dad got a 35 mm Ricoh camera that I promptly took over. I also enjoy gardening, hiking and backpacking, and reading.
This sounds like a fun project. I am trying to be a "purist" and only post photos that I take that day... But I am going to make a 3rd album that lets me post best photos of the week to give me some latitude on that.
Hope you enjoy my pics, I certainly am enjoying yours.

Hi there, 2017, year 2 update.
I have just completed my first 365 and am almost finished with 365 B&W. I liked having 2 albums because I love both color and B&W and this made me not have to choose. The 3rd album (52 weeks)was quickly abandoned. I was successful in taking a picture every day for both the projects even though this was at times difficult.

For year 2, I have decide to continue 2 concurrent albums for color and B&W. However, this year I am going to go along with the weekly concept and post pictures that are taken in the past 7 days. This will keep my photography fresh and continue to develop skills but will less stressful on those really busy days where there just isn't time or inclination. I will not post a picture I don't like just to have filler.
I am also going to work on developing my site on 500 px.
I want to thank everyone who followed and encouraged me along this journey. I have not always kept up to date on commenting due to lack of time. But I have really enjoyed seeing the world and sharing in other's projects.
Here's to 2017>
Love to everyone, Lisa