Polarised Lay Flat by lizhammond

Polarised Lay Flat

In response to @vera365 challenge to me for get-pushed-277, this time no chocolate temptations! I do love the effect of polarisation so I have been squirreling away various bits of plastic to use 'sometime' and there moment finally arrived.

Probably worth a click to black.
@vera365 fun challenge thank you
November 19th, 2017  
Oh, I like that! Love the unusual twist.
November 19th, 2017  
@vera365 thanks Vera
November 19th, 2017  
Wonderful -- makes art out of the mundane. And the design work is strong in the image.
November 19th, 2017  
This looks brilliant! A great response to your challenge.
November 19th, 2017  
This really stands out, what a great idea!
November 19th, 2017  
Hi Liz. I'm your get-pushed partner for this week. How about a street scene this week. I thought there was a good definition and discussion in this discussion on 365 (although you probably don't need it): http://365project.org/discuss/themes-competitions/30416/street-challenge-37
November 19th, 2017  
By the way, this is really cool. Did you use a special filter to get this effect?
November 19th, 2017  
@taffy thank you, very much appreciated
@fbailey so kind thank you
@angiedanielle24 thanks Angie for your lovely comment
November 19th, 2017  
@randystreat Hi Kathy, thanks for the challenge. I'm sure I can have fun with that. As for what is required to take this shot...apart from your camera, you will need a circular polarising filter for your lens; a polarising light source (my computer screen in this case), plastic bits and bobs and probably a tripod.

I lay my screen flat (but on & displaying a picture - in this case of some fireworks) and then placed the objects on the screen (if you have a super screen or the stuff you are putting on it is hard you might want to protect the screen so it doesn't get scratched). Then set up the tripod and camera so they are looking at the screen. It is best to frame up and focus and then switch to manual focus so the camera is all set to shoot. Carefully twist the circular polarising filter and you will see the bits of the screen that are not covered by the plastic items go from 'normal' to black as you turn it. Once you are happy with the effect take your shot :-). Do tag me if you give it a try.
November 19th, 2017  
A gorgeous composition! Fav.
November 19th, 2017  
Excellent - and thank you for posting your 'how to' guide.
November 19th, 2017  
The effects you get with this technique are fun. This is very cool and the colour's nicely saturated.
I never thought for one minute that I was the only photographer who squirrels away odd bits and pieces for photo opportunities but it's good to see evidence that others actually do too. :-D
November 19th, 2017  
@joysabin thank you so much
@wag864 do tag me if you have a go would be cool to see what you come up with, thanks
November 20th, 2017  
@dulciknit good to know we are not alone and their moment arrives in the end. Thank you.
November 20th, 2017  
Just saw this in the finals and makes me want to try it, though I sed you need a polarising filter.
November 20th, 2017  
@overalvandaan Thank you, yes ideally you do need a polarising filter but you might try a sunglass lens (they are quiet often polarised (if you have two pairs even better just twist them relative to each other). Have fun.
November 20th, 2017  
@lizhammond Guess I'll have to get a polarizing filter. Santa?....
November 21st, 2017  
I must try this! Fav
November 22nd, 2017  
@randystreat I'm sure you are on the 'nice' list. If you can't wait you could give the polarised sunglasses a try
@yrhenwr do. Will be looking out for it :-)
November 22nd, 2017  
This technique is very effective. I really like what you have done here.
We are get pushed partners this week and wow you have done some very interesting challenges. Have you done any refraction? If not how about giving it a go this week. This link might be useful. https://digital-photography-school.com/4-refraction-ideas-your-creativity/
November 28th, 2017  
I have, but a while ago so I'm happy to go with it thank you @kiwinanna
November 29th, 2017  
This is pretty!
We're get pushed partners this week. How are you getting on with you macro lens? Fancy doing a collage of a few different macro views of an every day object??
December 4th, 2017  
Nice challenge thank you Jackie @30pics4jackiesdiamond
December 6th, 2017  
Hello Liz, I looked at your portfolio and your profile which lists your past get pushed projects and I think that I have one which I haven't seen (unless I have missed it).

For this week I would like you to give a go to white-on-white photography. It is generally done in the still life so it shouldn't be adversely affected by bad weather. Here is a site which I occasionally refer to which also includes a video... http://learnmyshot.com/how-to-photograph-white-still-life-on-white-background/

If I have somehow missed that you were already challenged to do this or there are any constraints which would keep you from doing this please let me know as I always have an alternative.
December 12th, 2017  
@brett101 hi Brett I have attempted a white on white but I'm happy to give it another go thank you (probably me not keeping the list of challenges up to date!)
December 12th, 2017  
Love the colors that come out. I played with polarized plastic last night, but all I had were spoons, forks, and a tape dispenser. It does get repetitive, but still fascinating, with so few items. Now I see I should start squirreling away items for a rainy day. Neat flat lay!
March 28th, 2018  
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