Sir James Galway in Concert -  Brisbane by loey5150

Sir James Galway in Concert - Brisbane

Please have a look at this collage first to get the full story - please comment - Lynda would love to hear your comment on then & now :)
This afternoon Lynda & I went to Sir James Galway in Concert at the QPAC (Queensland Performing Arts Complex) at SouthBank.
I booked the tickets back in June this year as gift for Lynda's birthday.
I told that I could not get good tickets, when in fact we had wonderful seats :)
His concert was fantastic.
Lynda last saw him when she was 12 years old & had a photo taken with him.
Tonight she repeated that & had another shot taken - she will post it on her 365.
He also signed her first vinyl of his & his book, which was kind of him.
He is 81 years young :)
Great shots, and it sounds like you had a wonderful time!
November 7th, 2010  
@melissapike - We did, we certainly did:)
November 7th, 2010  
Nicely done !!
November 7th, 2010  
Wow how wonderful to have him sign a book etc and have a photo taken with him what a great birthday treat . you both look lovely btw.
November 7th, 2010  
Great photos and it did look like a great day. Nice captures of the moments.
November 7th, 2010  
A wonderful photo and I'm sure exciting for you..
November 7th, 2010  
How good would that have been? Up close and personal is always a treat.
November 8th, 2010  
Lucky you!
November 8th, 2010  
What a lovely time out for you both, I get so excited if I ever get to see anything at QPAC, it's as big a performance studio I've happy you guys had a great time :)
November 8th, 2010  
If you guys come over to my photos and have a look you'll see that I've put up the first time I met Sir James and this time.
I met him - first time - when I was 13 years old here in Brisbane; and the same place, but at the stage door. He was lovely then, and was thrilled to see the photo of us now. He thought we were cute; so did his wife. :)
November 9th, 2010  
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