Felling of tree by loey5150

Felling of tree

Well it is done!
The huge gum is no more - only chip now.
The young fellows started at 7.45am & left at 2.30pm
Lucky for them they had the only fine day this week :D
Lucky for us too :D
Bernie & I sat on the back steps with our ear plugs in & watched them.
Funny you know, it's now hard to imagine it being there.
Now all you have are the memories.
December 2nd, 2010  
Excellent way to tell the story.
December 2nd, 2010  
I love the shots of the guy up in the tree! It really gives a great sense of scale. I'm still sad for you that you had to have your tree cut down, though.
December 2nd, 2010  
How true about the weather... now it's raining so much, there'd be no chance to cut it if we had left it.
December 2nd, 2010  
A great collage to tell your story.....as Rick says just memories now. The lovely smell must have been in the air for ages.
December 2nd, 2010  
As Cherrill says a great collage, I hope you don;t miss it too much
December 3rd, 2010  
Memories Lois you probably put that tree in 30 odd years ago when you moved in You must be able to see Target car park now but that would be better than it falling on the house as some other trees did to your neighbours house next door many years ago. Hey remember her on the news!!!!!!!!!!!
December 4th, 2010  
why did it have to go..was it getting too old or dangerous for some reasons??? nice collage. migh is this guy high up there just looking at it makes me feel dizzy
December 4th, 2010  
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