Rusty by loey5150


Meet Rusty.
His owner is in rehab for 10 months & our nephew offered to look after him during this time.
He's not sure where he is as he has been fostered for a while now. He has a wonderful nature, & is very quiet.
He has sore eyes at present , but was paying a visit to the vet today.
What a sweet looking dog. And how wonderful of your nephew to help out a friend. Taking on someone else's dog is a big responsibility. Rusty looks pretty relaxed and content.
March 7th, 2012  
good luck rusty and owner
March 7th, 2012  
Looks like a great pup
March 7th, 2012  
March 8th, 2012  
Rusty looks like he's found a comfortable place to stay!
March 8th, 2012  
what a beautiful dog. Gerry.
May 19th, 2012  
I'm glad you decided to continue with the 365 project, after all it was you who got me into it.

Cheers Lois, from Sydney,
June 28th, 2012  
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