Sweet Pea

I have been really busy lately and the website has been giving me issues when I try to upload, so I am playing catch up today. Nothing is definite, but Les and I may have some big changes coming. I haven't really had time to find good photos. Everything lately has come from my yard.
Today is no different, here is another flower from the back yard. I didn't realize until the other day (when my neighbor) that the little purple and pink flowers everywhere are sweet pea. Now that I know it makes a lot of sense so I tried to frame the flowers with the pods.
so beautiful.
oh and this website has been giving me issues too. but only when I try to actually pull up the site...not sure what it is...
posted August 9th, 2010  
very pretty--I've been having issues with 365 too---running very slowly
posted August 9th, 2010  
Yep, join the crowd. It is very frustrating. But hopefully things will improve. Good photo.
posted August 9th, 2010  
Such pretty little flowers! The site really has been slow lately.
posted August 10th, 2010  
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