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My name is Heather and there are many who consider me evil, I've decided to embrace it rather than fight it.

I successfully completed my first 365 project in February of 2011. I debated continuing because I really enjoy taking photos, but I got burned out towards the end. I stuck with the project, but the photo quality really suffered as I ran low of subject matter and ambition. So I decided to take a break, not knowing if it would be short, long or permanent.

Turns out it was longish, about 7 months. After about 2 months of barely taking any photos I started to really miss it. But I didn't want to wind up in the same funk again, so I started looking for a theme to base my next project around. Then I got an iPod for my birthday and I started my project again using the Vocabology App and basing my photo on one of the 11 words-of-the-day. But that app wasn't as stable as I needed it to be and eventually I got frustrated with it and gave up after only 2 and a half months.

Now it's been more than 3 years since I used this site, and I see that it's still going in full force, even if most of the people I followed, and who followed me, aren't here anymore. I realized a while ago that, while I still take photos, I don't have the same eye I had when I was doing this. So I decided to start again with the new year.

Since the last time I posted on this site I've moved from Western New York to the Southern Oregon Coast, and then again in October of 2014 to Arizona. I still have the same husband and two cats and two dogs, but all new surroundings.

I learned a lot about my camera and Photoshop while doing my first project and since, I now shoot in RAW when using my DSLR (Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XS) and I have Nikon point-and-shoot (Nikon Coolpix L26) that lives in my purse so it's with me always, in a pinch I might upload something from my phone (HTC Droid Incredible). I also have a blog that I post to at least once a week,


and I finally caved and joined Flickr last month.