The scruffy Mesquite by louannwarren

The scruffy Mesquite

The bane of Texas cattle ranchers is the Mesquite tree. They have taken over 25% of Texas grasslands, grass that cattle would eat. They are brutally hard to get rid of, they are poisoned and when they die the ranchers stretch a heavy chain between two tractors and drag the trees up into big piles that are burned. Some ranchers cut them up and sell the wood for smoking meats for barbecue. They are so hard to get rid of, it is a constant battle for the ranchers. Some woodworkers are starting to make furniture and household items out of the Mesquite wood, it is extremely hard though. This Mesquite looked like it just died from old age, I liked it’s stark shape.
it's a problem weed over here in Australia too - some bright spark brought them over to plant around mines to stabilise the soil ..... The wood actually looks hard!
October 15th, 2017  
Never knew that about these trees.
October 15th, 2017  
very interesting story about the tree. we have some pesky trees here that start up in our flower beds or driveway etc... the winds blow the seeds all about the neighbourhood. sometimes we wish the neighbours would cut down their tree...
October 15th, 2017  
I have heard the name of these trees but knew nothing about them,,
October 15th, 2017  
It sounds like a pest but you have taken a lovely photo of the scenery
October 15th, 2017  
New for me, must be a great problem...
October 15th, 2017  
October 15th, 2017  
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Oh, I’m so sorry you have these in Australia! Some scientists did a study that proved how much ground water these trees take from the aquifers in Texas. It was staggering to realize that they not only have taken over so much grassland, but take do much precious water, too!
October 15th, 2017  
I didn't know it was a problem tree. Thanks for sharing.
October 15th, 2017  
A great shot -- shame it is such a pest . The trunk and bare branches look so stark as if ready for Halloween !!
October 15th, 2017  
Yes, mesquite and cedar are both invasive species here in Texas. They both guzzle down the water (up to 35 gallons a day) and spread everywhere. We have to cut them down on our land or any oak trees around them die. Mesquite wood is very nice for woodworking...last year my husband made a large coffee table out of a mesquite slab that he's been saving for about 10 years. It's a beautiful table. Lovely shot of this old mesquite. Looks great against the blue sky. :-)
October 16th, 2017  
@danette @beryl thank you for your great comments, I appreciate you taking the time to visit.

@gaylewood Oh, I know that is a gorgeous table! The wood is awesome for smoking meats too. It’s a beautiful wood but oh my it’s just too much of a good thing, for sure. It’s rare that the trunks grow wide enough to use for a table, that must have been a really big tree your husband cut down for your table!
October 17th, 2017  
I like the old dead tree too. It is a problem trer, but the wood is beautiful when used in woodworking projects.
October 18th, 2017  
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