Camel Tongue by lsquared

Camel Tongue

So... took this photo of driftwood the other day, at West Alton, MO. I had it open on my computer, doing a little post processing. My wife, from across the room, asked where did I take a photo of a camel?

I think she needs new glasses.
Beautiful driftwood. It does sort of look like a camel or some animal with its tongue sticking out. Your wife is spot on.
August 8th, 2018  
If I squint, I can make the camel out quite clearly. It is a very camel like nose too. Not to mention a beautiful piece of wood. Any good at sculpting?
August 8th, 2018  
I see a snake peaking back at me. Fav.
August 9th, 2018  
August 10th, 2018  
Haha! I see it. Who knew that West Alton had anything so exciting as camels! LOL!
August 10th, 2018  
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