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I live in the United States, and love to travel and find adventures. I consider myself an amateur photographer, and I'm currently shooting with a Canon Rebel T5i. I'm interested in telling stories, finding beauty in the everyday and improving my photography skills. I appreciate all your comments, critiques and feedback.

Feel free to reach me at megan.ludgate@gmail.com

Update November 2016: After about a year long break from 365 during which I wrote an undergrad thesis, graduated, took an 11,000 mile road trip to Alaska, and got a big kid job, I'm back! It may be a slow start to get back into the groove, but I've been missing my camera and the community here, so here I go. (I also will try to back-fill some of my photos from Alaska. Would love to share them with ya'll).

Update February 2017: Traveling the world a bit - 3 months in East Africa and East Asia! I'll be posting a few photos here and there, but mostly just enjoying the places I am. I will continue to be a member of @fiveplustwo, so if you miss my photos check in there on Thursdays every week!

Update September 2017: Once again back home near Boston, USA hoping to restart my personal 365 project again. Still a member of @fiveplustwo, so as always check out my photo on Thursdays every week (and all the other members' photos because they are awesome!)

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