• April 2017

1st Apr 2017 - Liked the way the sun was shining on my little granddaughter's hair
2nd Apr 2017 - A sculpture which caught my eye as we were waiting in traffic at a nearby village
3rd Apr 2017 - Nice sunset last night so took a detour to take a pic of the docks at Preston with my phone.
4th Apr 2017 - Preston Docklands entrance - grounded Nelson red 'bell-boat' buoy.
5th Apr 2017 - A midweek break in the lake district - the dog walk at the caravan site!
6th Apr 2017 - Coniston Water - loved the tree roots!
7th Apr 2017 - St Oswald's Church in Grasmere
8th Apr 2017 - A nice stroll around Tarn Hows
9th Apr 2017 - Grasmere in the Lake District
10th Apr 2017 - Something in the way she moos - attracts me like no udder lover!
11th Apr 2017 - Stramongate Bridge, Kendal - taken from the car going over one of the other five road bridges that pass over the River Kent.
12th Apr 2017 - My hubby and son deep in conversation on our way to the park!
13th Apr 2017 - This cross caught my eye in the graveyard of the church at Grasmere
14th Apr 2017 - I just love this time of year!
15th Apr 2017 - This was taken at Foulshaw Moss in Cumbria where the ospreys visit every year.
16th Apr 2017 - A stroll in the park yesterday - just love the avenues of trees leading to it!
17th Apr 2017 - Went to a friend's grandson's christening yesterday - how special is that, being christened on Easter Sunday!
18th Apr 2017 - On Easter Monday most Prestonians head down to Avenham Park to roll their Easter eggs!
19th Apr 2017 - Feeling wrecked after the long busy weekend!
20th Apr 2017 - Horse of the rear show!!
21st Apr 2017 - Spring!
22nd Apr 2017 - Pretty in pink!
23rd Apr 2017 - Just on a weekend in the Lake District with friends and have had lovely sunsets!
24th Apr 2017 - View from the car on the way home from the Lake District
25th Apr 2017 - Down by the riverside with a view of the park across the water!
26th Apr 2017 - The shadows of the leaves on the tree trunk caught my eye!
27th Apr 2017 - Every time I went near, the butterfly fluttered away - but eventually!
28th Apr 2017 - Telling a story!
29th Apr 2017 - Such a bonny horse - the lady rider was happy for me to grab a shot!
30th Apr 2017 - Oh, how I wish I was there!