• August 2020

1st Aug 2020 - Another Southport image - thank you for your nice comments and faves on my other shot, very much appreciated 😁
2nd Aug 2020 - Whilst we were lined up taking photos under the bridge the boy racers were lining up their cars!
3rd Aug 2020 - Accidentally left camera on manual focus and got this - but I do rather like it 😁
4th Aug 2020 - The sky speaks in a thousand colours!
5th Aug 2020 - Couldn't resist taking a pic of these chickens all tucking in to breakfast today!
6th Aug 2020 - Just had an evening strolling down the canal with some of my friends from the camera club.
7th Aug 2020 - The canal basin at Garstang
8th Aug 2020 - From my canal stroll
9th Aug 2020 - Caught my eye!
10th Aug 2020 - On the way to my son's I just had to turn the car round and take a pic!
11th Aug 2020 - I believe this is a large white butterfly - yes, that's what it is called! Easy to remember 😁
12th Aug 2020 - Just a butterfly!
13th Aug 2020 - From our stroll around Brockholes Nature Reserve
14th Aug 2020 - Another misty morning
15th Aug 2020 - Sadie just wouldn't let go lol!
16th Aug 2020 - Catch up time! We've been down to see our son who lives in Cheshunt this weekend so a bit behind with my pics!
17th Aug 2020 - Grey skies but a lovely family weekend!
18th Aug 2020 - Along the picnic table with Sadie in the background
19th Aug 2020 - I just missed a bride and groom walking past through to their reception in this lovely building!
20th Aug 2020 - Had a very windy stroll with camera buddies on Crosby beach to photograph Anthony Gormley's Another Place.
21st Aug 2020 - We got a better sunset than we thought it would be so quite happy 😁
22nd Aug 2020 - I was taking a shot of the statue when some children ran past. I had a slow shutter speed as it was really windy and the sand was blowing high so it made this different image of the statue.
23rd Aug 2020 - The structure is a navigation marker, one of a pair, that used to be used by the ship's coming into and out of Liverpool docks
24th Aug 2020 - The pier - you can see how the sand is blowing here, it was so windy!
25th Aug 2020 - On the sea front
26th Aug 2020 - A lovely sunrise from the other day - not today, rain and wind this morning!
27th Aug 2020 - Still on Crosby beach
28th Aug 2020 - Wellies definitely needed the past few days on our dog walks - it's been torrential!
29th Aug 2020 - A lovely but very tiring 8 mile walk around the Ribble Valley yesterday with our friends.
30th Aug 2020 - A grey day yesterday - but the scenery makes up for It!
31st Aug 2020 - More from the Ribble Valley