Take A Walk On The Wild Side . . . by lynnmwatson

Take A Walk On The Wild Side . . .

Did I make it in under the wire for International Sock Day!?!

I like a little tacky in my socks . . . these are a fav this time of year with my furry lined Crocs with the hot pink puzzle piece jibbitz! That ensemble looks fab!!!!!
Cool Colors and my favourite time of year to wear socks, scarfs and hats.
November 12th, 2010  
Very cool!
November 12th, 2010  
November 12th, 2010  
ha ha ha! Nice!
November 12th, 2010  
Cute socks!
November 12th, 2010  
Ooh la la! :D
November 12th, 2010  
love it! according to the sock guru Craig Tull, it goes on for a week, so you're safe!
November 13th, 2010  
very cute
November 15th, 2010  
How did i miss this addition to the sock collective!??! My sincerest apologies...this is Outstanding!! :D
November 18th, 2010  
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