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Year two. . .it really is impossible to stay away for long but I did have a nice break until trigger finger itch started up again!

I want my year two to be about learning things I've postponed - even if the results aren't spectacular, since that's where YOU come in. Let me know what you think could be done to better the shot. I want to experiment, so you may have to put up with oddities! And I want to post when I have something I feel is worthy.

The other side of 365 is almost my favorite: to look at the beauty and artistry of as many of you as I can and to comment when time allows. Please don't think if I don't comment every day that I'm not looking and enjoying what you post. I just really feel the need to control the obsession a bit better for year two!

What an experience the first year was. . .and now I can't wait to see what comes next!