Blavatski collection by madeinnl

Blavatski collection

Part of my esoteric book collection.
Some of these are 1st edition.
2 full Bookcases full.

Blavatsky was a controversial figure during her lifetime, championed by supporters as an enlightened guru and derided as a fraudulent charlatan and plagiarist by critics.
it must be interesting to look back and her work from the distance of time now
April 6th, 2020  
@koalagardens She was a very brave woman. Prosecuted for what she believed in, and in that time (over 100 years ago) most woman had no right to speak.
I love esoteric books, the mysteries of life that some people try to explain. I dont believe all i read in these books but it makes you look at things in a complete different way :)
April 6th, 2020  
Looks interesting
April 7th, 2020  
Looking very learned!
April 8th, 2020  
Marvellous collection and well captured
A collection you should be proud to own
April 8th, 2020  
@sudhakarthik it is :)
@angelar haha, the smart one wrote the books, i only read em..
@ninaganci I sure am, wasnt easy to find these.
April 8th, 2020  
Nice old looking books
April 9th, 2020  
Ken haar niet, zal haar eens googlen. Mooi gefotografeerd!
April 10th, 2020  
Nice shot
April 10th, 2020  
@cocobella Thank you Corinne.
@overalvandaan Zware kost Saxa, is eigenlijk meer de keuze van mijn vrouwtje, ikzelf ben meer bezig met mysteries van en in de oudheid.
@bkbinthecity Thank you for the nice comment
April 11th, 2020  
How interesting not familiar but sounds like she was a force.... thanks for your comments on my photos lately I appreciate your encouraging words
April 13th, 2020  
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