Lunar Eclipse by mandygravil

Lunar Eclipse

This was around 4.45 this morning when we had a Total Lunar Eclipse. It was also called a Super Wolf Blood moon due to the colour caused by the earth passing between the moon and the sun. A bit grainy as I wasn't on a tripod and a very high ISO.
Well done. I am impressed that you managed to get up so early
January 21st, 2019  
I was too lazy to get up so early so thank you for showing us !
January 21st, 2019  
Lucky you. I was up at 4:20. Looked out the window, ran downstairs, set my camera on the tripod, threw open the French doors, stepped outside and was met by . . . you guessed it, thick bloody cloud šŸ˜•šŸ˜• And if course, at 7 o'clock this morning when I went to pick the boy up from his swim session the sky was crisp and clear šŸ˜¦šŸ˜¦ Anyway . . . This is a lovely shot. The color is lovely šŸ‘ā˜ŗā˜ŗ
January 21st, 2019  
Nothing but thick cloud here sadly, so it is nice to see other people who were luckier and can show what it looked like up there
January 21st, 2019  
January 21st, 2019  
Fabulous capture
January 21st, 2019  
Fabulous capture! Too early for me Iā€™m afraid!
January 21st, 2019  
Wow! a great shot. And you were up so early to get it. That's dedication.
January 22nd, 2019  
fantastic shot
January 22nd, 2019  
So well done and good for you to stay up
January 22nd, 2019  
January 22nd, 2019  
so jealous that you captured this! great shot
January 22nd, 2019  
@onewing Thanks Babs - I did set my alarm :)
@cocobella You are very welcome, thanks for looking
@paul10 Thank you - I was amazed that the cloud had clear up here. Normally we are just like you.
@casablanca Thanks for looking - we normally get the cloud so for once was a bit exciting - even that early.
@chrisiow Thanks Chris
@seattlite Thank you Gloria
@carole_sandford Must admit it had to be an alarm or I would have missed it completely
@randystreat Thanks Kathy - not always I'm afraid
@lynnz Thank you Lynn
@samae Thank you
@Dawn Thanks Dawn
@valpetersen Thank you for looking and the follow
January 25th, 2019  
I did get to see the super moon as it rose- couldn't really do it justice with all the trees in the way here- but did capture it later on when it was overhead. Missed the eclipse though. Good shot!
January 26th, 2019  
@olivetreeann Thank you Ann, - these things are always so hit and miss aren't they. We were once in Greece and saw a meteor shower - not really knowing that was what it was. When we got back home a friend said he's been out all night with his camera on the same day with nothing but cloud in the UK - we did have a bit of a laugh about that together! How naive we were. We now watch for it each year in August when it's at its peak.
January 29th, 2019  
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