In memory of those lost in WW I and II by mandygravil

In memory of those lost in WW I and II

We went into Hull to take my niece to catch her train home on Sunday and wanted to see the anti knife crime sculpture before it left for Coventry. We also came across this sculpture.

It is the memorial to Hull people killed during raids by German aircraft in the two World Wars.

The globe-shaped sculpture is in Paragon Street in the city centre and features the names of the fallen on a series of metallic ash tree leaves circling the memorial.

It has been funded by donations to the Hull People's Memorial charity, which operates a shop and a mini-museum in Whitefriagate.

Hull was the second most heavily bombed place in the UK, after London, in both wars.

The following words are cut out in two line panels around the bottom of it. If you zoom in you may be able to see them but I photographed each so I could share them.

On the North East Coast of England,
By a river long and wide,
Stands a wrecked and broken city,
Smashed by a Nazi tide.

The Luftwaffe came in increasing wave,
Destruction and death in its wake,
But the townsfolk, sturdy, strong and brave,
Showed them just how much they could take.

A town on the North East Coast has been bombed,
Some Casualties few believed dead.
London and Coventry bombed again,
Was the news that was usually read.

One day at last the truth will be known,
And all the world shown forth.
That the worst bombed place in England,
Was that town in the North.

Yes, the bricks of the city were razed to the ground,
Not a single street was left full.
But the soul of the people was raised the skies,
The soul of the people of Hull.

A good shot. And I love your narrative. The media got things wrong even back then.
March 6th, 2019  
That's a lovely shot, and history.
March 6th, 2019  
A nice shot and history
March 6th, 2019  
A touching memorial.
March 7th, 2019  
@mave Thank you Mave - oh yes - and still going strong methinks.
@chrisiow Thank you Chris
@Dawn Thanks Dawn
@randystreat Thanks Kathy - it was quite a moving afternoon - all round.
March 12th, 2019  
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