D is for Drapeau (flag) by maola

D is for Drapeau (flag)

A-Z home challenge : Québec, Canada

As this challenge is about home, and that in Québec the first language is French (it's English in all other provinces in Canada though) I decided that I was allowed to use French words for the challenge. It's not cheating.... it's.... interpreting the rules to my advantage ;)

Obviously, there's a lot of editing in this pic. The sky was gray. Not even with clouds that could have been interesting. Nope. Just plain gray. At first, I wanted to make the sky a bit more interesting, but keep it realistic. But I accidentally did this and I liked it.
Nice drapeau. :)
September 27th, 2010  
Gret photo of your flag.
September 27th, 2010  
Love it! Sky looks so good.
September 29th, 2010  
Really great shot. You shoot flags so well :)
September 29th, 2010  
What a beautiful shot. The composition and colors are fantastic! Thank you for your comments and encouragement on my A-Z of Knoxville, TN project. I'd like to follow your project, if you don't mind. :)
September 30th, 2010  
October 1st, 2010  
Great capture of the flag. Lucky you to have another language for your A_Z. I'm struggling to find my D at the moment; maybe I'll resort to Latin!
October 2nd, 2010  
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