Parisian couple  by mara19500

Parisian couple

It looks like she's spotted you! I like your POV and the glamour they convey. Good to see you as always!
August 10th, 2015  
I don't have much time to comment today. Decided I would only comment on the images which catches my eye...which seems to mean that I will have to comment on all of your posts...

They really look glamorous, and you have conveyed it perfectly. It is so difficult to get this amount of detail and shine on African people's faces - you did it so well and really managed to capture the moment...
August 11th, 2015  
@taffy Yes, Taffy. She saw me and seems annoyed to be photographed
They were models I guess posing for a shoot
Thanks for your kind words
August 11th, 2015  
@ericdibosco sei sempre molto gentile e generoso nei tuoi commenti, Eric.
Glad you like this shot.
August 11th, 2015  
mara, my good friend. how are you doing? i came by to greet you a very merry Christmas and all the best to you and your family for the holidays and the coming year! give angela a kiss for me, will you please? thank you.
December 25th, 2015  
@summerfield Hi Vikki!!!
Thank you for your Christmas wishes. Please accept my New Year's ones, hoping you get all the satisfaction and rewards you wish for.
Angela says hi and reciprocates your warm regards. Any plans to go to Italy this year??? You know you'll be welcome in APULIA.
I'm sad because my mother is very ill after a fall when she hit her head against her bath tub edge.
She's been in hospital since Dec 7 and not improving ... I'm sooooo sad.
Love to you and.... keep going with your photography!
January 2nd, 2016  
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