The cigar by mara19500

The cigar

I like to take pictures from movie scenes and elaborate on these movie stills. The border between film frames and photography is very thin, indeed
buon Natale e felice anno nuovo, my friend.
December 25th, 2018  
Hi, Mara! Vikki @summerfield and Domenico were visiting me recently and Vikki and I talked about you and wondered how you are doing! Still hoping to meet you some day since I missed you when you were in Chicago. Missing your posts . . .
August 20th, 2019  
Hi Junko! It's always a pleasure to see your pics and hear from you. I envy Vikki for her consistency and Taffy and all of you who continue to post. I miss the community but I feel a bit drained at the moment. I'm not using my camera as frequently as I used to, I have to find inspiration....Maybe soon...
November 6th, 2019  
@mara19500 -- So NICE to hear from you, Mara! I'm sorry to hear you are feeling drained and not so inspired to use your camera. I'm about to head to Italy. I leave in two days and I will be in Firenze for a week (work) and then visiting with Caterina and then Domenico. I wish you lived in the vicinity of where I'll be but I know you are further south. Sigh. Maybe in the spring.
November 8th, 2019  
buon Natale, mara bella!
December 25th, 2019  
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