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January 2014
It's time to update my profile information.
I completed my year one on January 21 and will continue into 2014. The experience has been very exciting and satisfactory. The community here is incredibly friendly,generous, supportive and helpful. I made many new friends and visited so many different places through their eyes.
I learnt a lot of new techiniques, theory and artistic aspects of photography. I have so much more to learn. I'm more and more aware that photography is a full universe and it takes an awful amount of time to make good progress, train your eye, improve your skills and push your creativity.
I'm full of doubts now...I don't know exactly how to handle year 2. I only know I woudn't do the same things, spend too much time in answering comments, especially telegraphic ones that don't mean much to either the receiver or the author. I think I'll devote that time to visit and ask technical questions, trying to learn more and possibly help more those who may be interested to ask me questions. And I want to feel more flexible and relaxed about posting.
A big thank you to my friends for being there and for making of my journey here such a rich, interesting and incredible experience.

January 2013
I'm an Italian teacher of English living in the South of Italy .
I've always liked to take pictures during my trips, mainly abroad, but now I'm attending a photography course with a great photographer and he stimulates me to improve my skills, and go beyond the level of taking 'nice, neat photographs of nice, intersting places and/or local people'.. I hope this project will help me increase my creativity and skills.