Mother's Day Banter and Breakfast

Both boys are home for Mother's Day (!); plus they made me a special breakfast to boot.

Overhearing their banter in the kitchen was half the fun. The former journalist in me jotted down some notes as I sipped my coffee: "What does lightly floured mean?" "Well, you dumped in four cups of oil!" "Custard's egg and ... something else." "Oh, crap, damn. I was going for a cup and two-quarters." “What? Why are you judging me?” “Half a teaspoon of cinnamon.… This is not gonna work.” “Add more than a drop of milk at a time! It needs liquid.” “Where is it?” “Under there.” “Underwear?” (spelled correctly -- an old joke) “Wait, what? That is a lot of butter.” “Dad, why do we have so many eggs?” “The pan. The pan, Dave.” “There’s not enough pan for this.” “I’m poking it so it melts fast.” “Today we’re gonna make melted butter.” “This poking it did not go as well as I expected.” “Man, 20 seconds usually slamma-jammas butter.” “Dad, can I get a new cooking partner?” “Live a little, splurge! Give it 15 seconds.” “I think I remember how to get the yolks out. Guess we’re gonna find out.” “Worst case scenario: we can burn the house down and start again.” “Don’t question my methods. My methods may not be the best, but my final product is usually OK.” “I guess we just eyeball it, right?” “Apart from the bubbles, this is looking good.” “Does mixing it make it thicken?” “Oh, that’s perfect, Dan. That’s perfect.”

And out of all of that somehow came delicious and impressive Eggs Benedict and Blueberry Breakfast Cake. Then we got to play family doubles tennis.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

Thanks for your views and comments -- always much appreciated.
Love the picture and it's so nice of them to make you breakfast. Loved your fun description, too.
posted May 14th, 2017  
That's so sweet and funny. You must be so proud of them!
posted May 15th, 2017  
That is so wonderful! Thoroughly enjoyed your narrative! You have two very special sons, that's for sure! Hope you had a very Happy Mother's Day! :-)
posted May 15th, 2017  
I am laughing out loud reading your story! So funny :) Way to go boys, managing to bake some lovely stuff in the end!

Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day. We had ours in England back in March and I timed it really badly with my boys away skiing!! I should have borrowed your date this time!
posted May 15th, 2017  
What a lovely present to have them at home on this day dedicated to all mothers! I haven't got a problem here - my two children and their families live very close to my home and they come over almost every day.
posted May 15th, 2017  
@mittens @olivetreeann @gaylewood @casablanca @sangwann Thanks so much for your kind comments and for indulging my whim to capture their words as they goofed off together. I read their comments back to them, and we all laughed about them :)
posted May 15th, 2017  
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