At one point, my husband was convinced that he had figured out the location of the treasure hidden by Forrest Fenn, an eccentric millionaire who stashed a treasure chest somewhere in the Rocky Mountains between New Mexico and Canada. Due to this belief, I got to go out to the beautiful American West on two different trips. We didn’t find the treasure, but we found this old, rusted nut in a ghost town as we practiced using a metal detector we picked up for the occasion. I’ve become pretty attached to it as a momento of our trips, and it is kind of beautiful to my eye.

-- for the Eye of the Beholder challenge

Thanks for your views and comments -- always much appreciated.
Not exactly a treasure but would do for the time being. At least you got a great shot of it.
posted June 16th, 2017  
Great rust!
posted June 16th, 2017  
I like the rusty tones and textures.
posted June 16th, 2017  
Great photo, I love the colours and depth of field. It's a simple object, but the image is really atmospheric!
posted June 16th, 2017  
It's a treasure when it's a treasure to you! Lovely image
posted June 16th, 2017  
Very cool image! Awesome viewed on black! Love your narrative! I'd love to go on a treasure hunt as you've described and come home with personal treasures like this one! :-)
posted June 17th, 2017  
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