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January 2020 - YEAR 9!!
Little did I think that I would still be posting a picture everyday for over 8 years. I love looking through my past years photos and am grateful for this journey!

January 2019 - YEAR 8 ! ! ! ! !
So glad I started this 7 full years ago! I now have a couple of teenagers, life is chaotic and crazy, but I love it. It is wonderful to look back at the previous years and remember all that has happened. Looking forward to a fantastic year ahead!!


January 2018 - YEAR 7
So excited to be entering my 7th year on this site!! Hopefully will get out more, I live in San Diego, so I certainly have no excuse. Planing some fun trips so it should be great!!


March 2017 ... YEAR 6?!?!?!?
I would have never figured I would love this site so much!! It keeps me out shooting daily, even though lately I just cheat and use my Samsung cell phone! Grateful for the friends I have met through this site :)

January 2016 ... YEAR 5 of 365 Project!!! Woo Hoo!! Hoping to get some more travel in this year. Always spending time with my family of course! Looking forward to trying new photography styles and subjects ... we'll see!

January 2015 ... starting Year 4 of Project 365! Looking forward to some fun travel this year and honing some of my photography skills. Thanks for visiting!

January 2014 ... starting Year 3 of Project 365! Loving my camera & loving my city, I am so incredibly lucky to live in San Diego!! Loving my family and friends, thanks for the support!


January 2012 - I am a lucky mom of 2 incredible boys! Wife to my husband I love so very much! Sister to, lots of crazy siblings ... love, love, love!!!

I am crafty, creative, and a good bit of fun!! I am addicted to photography ... I'm sure you understand ...

I was born in Lima, Peru, South America, lived in SLC, Utah for 14 years,
and now live in San Diego, CA for the last 30 years!