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I am Maribel. I´m a mother of two beautiful daughters (19 and 16) that make me a happy woman. I live in Madrid (Spain) with them and Cleo, our dog. I work as a teacher, helping kids with extra classes after school. I work at home, so I sometimes feel a little bit imprisoned, and need any kind of"escape". For me, this means something creative most of the times. I love painting and drawing, and yes, photography too. But somehow this has always been something that I´ve wanted to explore further and haven´t been able to (reasons are varied). So that´s why I started this project. It´s a compromise with myself. I want to learn, I don´t mean to be anything near professional or anything the like. Just fun. Just learn. Just dedicate some minutes of my time everyday to something beautiful.

And yes, I also want to make friends, so you´ll be welcome to make any comments and give your opinions. I´ll be very glad to read all of them.