I have been very busy recently but just had to post this. I was in Liverpool this morning, Christmas shopping and getting images I need as I am hosting the Annual Christmas Camera Club Quiz night again next week.

So I am down at the Pier head, I have an idea involving the statue of the Beatles down there.
I am down on one knee, to get the POV I want. I am not holding a little camera phone, I had to my face a large Sony DLSR with a fair sized lens on it.
This lady (?), a tourist walked right past me, and STOOD there !
Not just for a few moments, but several minutes !!!

I just waited there for her to move, but no. Her daughter (?), just out of shot to the left, seemed totally oblivious to the problem her companion was causing despite glancing at me once or twice.

Several other people spotted what she had done though. Some laughed or passed comment to me.A few others took photos similar to this but including me.
I could understand it if she had come in sideways, looking at the statue, but she passed about a foot away from me !!!

Another of todays posts from the Pier Head today here..........
So many people are completely oblivious to what is happening around the,m. I've had similar experiences myself!
posted December 13th, 2018  
It’s always happening to me too! Nice candid capture
posted December 13th, 2018  
It's usually someone with an iPad... at least hou were photographing something that wasn't going to move..
posted December 13th, 2018  
A cool pov
posted December 13th, 2018  
This regularly happens to me too, and not just at the Beatles statue ;-)
posted December 14th, 2018  
Typical 😖!!
posted December 14th, 2018  
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