Taken during a quick pause to mop my brow, while out cycling on my daily exercise. Photograph taken from the old Silver Jubilee Bridge crossing the River Mersey. This closed as the new bridge opened in October 2017, for 12 months ! It is still closed to vehicles !
And judging by the two workmen I saw on the other side of the security fence asleep in the sun, not opening any time soon !!!
So from the left, we have St.Mary's church in West Bank, Widnes, then the cooling towers at Fiddler's Ferry Power station which closed down after 50 years at the end of March.
Centre are the three towers of the new TOLLED bridge, least said about that the better.
Behind the wall is the Manchester Ship Canal, and you can also see the now I think defunct locks which used to link the river and canal.
The apartments on the far right are the Decks in Runcorn, and give fabulous views of the old bridge as the sun goes down.
One slight problem, they have discovered that the cladding on them is similar to that on Grenfell Towers. The developers want the residents to shell out £41,000 each to replace it !!
They are virtually unsellable, having crashed in value from around £140,000 to £60,000 !!!
beautiful capture - not a good story tho
April 8th, 2020  
It is outrageous that the residents are expected to pay. I enjoyed your view of the Mersey and description of all the landmarks - most of them vaguely familiar to me.
April 8th, 2020  
Lovely minimalist shot.
April 8th, 2020  
I like the "sweeping" feel as the river bends out of frame.

Lots of sadness here... Closed power plant, closed locks, "issues" with the apartments.... I remember when that Grenfell fire happened, I wondered how many other buildings had the same cladding.
April 8th, 2020  
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