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Truth told, I am a mediocre photographer at best! I am very well aware there is NOT one shot in any of my albums the "professionals" would consider "perfect." However, I am improving little by little. I live in the country and don't get into town very often. So my photos are largely of nature.

Love all things western including sunrises, sunsets, horses, dogs, cowboys and the old cowboy code of ethics and morals. Love green fields and pastures, wide open spaces and lots of trees, too. Love the mountains and rolling hills, babbling brooks, clean lakes and waterfalls. Love wild flowers and wild creatures. Appreciate and respect the old, wise, used up and forgotten. Celebrate youth but leery of its ignorance and arrogance. Love beauty and innocence in all forms. And I'm liable to take a picture of just about anything! However, the biggest reason for starting this project was to document in photos, the sights around my home of over 10 years.