Rose bud

I am looking forward to this coming into bloom. I might track it over the next while with pictures to see how it looks.

My ongoing inability to get back into the swing of the project has been leading to repeated trips into the garden. It looks like May is going to be my flower month. In some ways flower shots are a bit boring but since I love a lot of colour I am happy to keep this up.

Today I actually carried the camera in my hand for about three hours and still did not take anything so flowers for today and yesterday. I think it is more striking against dark background.
A lovely shot - and a great idea to keep tracking it as it develops. I look forward to watching its progress :)
posted May 26th, 2012  
A very elegant shot. Love the bokeh in this. The red definitely pops more against the black background.
posted May 26th, 2012  
I too like the bokeh. Maybe you could do some kind of collage or processing to make all the shots into 1 ... make sure you follow it to wilt and death. :)
posted May 26th, 2012  
wonderful colours and DOF!
posted May 27th, 2012  
Thanks guys. The other flowers on this plant smell wonderful! @calx If the shots are decent a collage may well follow:-)
posted May 28th, 2012  
Love how the yellow tones play against the other colors in the photo. The dof is quite nice as well.

I understand getting through the slow times in the project, but you can do it. It may seem like forever, but the inspiration comes back. In the end it's so worth it to work through the rough times :)
posted May 29th, 2012  
I'm with you on struggling to get back into the swing of taking pictures every day, it's so easy to fall out of the habit, and so much harder to get back into it! Looks like you're doing well, and it's great that you have such a diverse back garden to help! I look forward to seeing this rose in bloom, looks a great colour
posted June 4th, 2012  
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