Negative Art by mcsiegle

Negative Art

Northy @northy gave me the get pushed challenge to explore the settings on the camera I'm using and use it to create art. The iPod camera has virtually no settings, but the cell phone camera does. One of the four color settings was "negative." Of course I could get this effect by taking a regular photo into or picmonkey and inverting. But it was fun to compose the shot in negative. I did crop it on the bottom afterwards.
@northy more experimentation -- this time with the cell phone camera. And I learned that the OLD model of cell phone that Frank still has (I lost mine and replaced it) also has a bunch of settings available on its camera. I never used the camera on that old phone, except a few shots when I first got it.
November 30th, 2015  
i love negitive and how colors pop-this is wonderful
November 30th, 2015  
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