Goodbye little tree by mcsiegle

Goodbye little tree

Finally got the Christmas tree to the collection site in the park, where it rejoined its brothers and sisters. I believe most, if not all, will go into the chipper and then offered back to the community as wood chip mulch.
Still think it's got some life left in it. It looks so green and full of needles 😦😦
January 15th, 2019  
You've looked after him well......
January 15th, 2019  
Kind of sad to think it will end in the chipper especially since it still looks vibrant. I like the green against the snow
January 15th, 2019  
Mine is hanging out in the car port. I need to haul if off, but really don't want the needles all over the back of the car. Thought about standing it up and making some popcorn strings to go on it for the birds. I have some old popcorn that might taste better to them than to me.
January 15th, 2019  
That was a big chore you got done - taking down the Christmas tree is never as pleasant as putting it up!
I'm lucky to live on a farm so I usually just throw mine in the bush where it decomposes with any other dead fall that happens to be around.
January 16th, 2019  
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