Rice cakes.

We call this SUMAN (glutinous rice usually cooked in coconut milk and sugar then wrapped in coconut leaves) in the vernacular. I bought this from a recent trip to Antipolo ( a town near Manila ).

A filler for my 04/14.
That sounds delicious and I love the textures, thanks for sharing
posted April 13th, 2012  
Do you eat the wrapping! Nice light in this picture!
posted April 13th, 2012  
This is quite a delicious photo
posted April 13th, 2012  
Great shot!
posted April 13th, 2012  
Yum, they look good :)
posted April 13th, 2012  
I LOVE SUMAN!! The wrapping on these is really beautiful - I haven't seen it done like that. I love seeing your pictures of our home country that I haven't seen in 22 years!
posted April 14th, 2012  
Sweet so obviously a dessert? The coconut leaves look very thick. I take it they are not edible?
posted April 14th, 2012  
Great lighting and focus in this shot. I love suman.
posted April 14th, 2012  
I love the lighting and colour tones to this :)
posted April 14th, 2012  
Sounds delicious! Lovely shot of the rice cakes!
posted April 15th, 2012  
@hasselhotch it is. thanks for the comment.

@maggiemae you eat it without the wrapping, some would dip it in sugar. i prefer eating it as it is.

@swilde @groovygirlrn @deburahiru thanks so much for your feedbacks.

@cristina3611 wow, 22 years. i knew you were a filipina the minute i saw your profile. It's nice to be friends with a kababayan here at 365. Thanks for liking the photo.

@rmkk it is a dessert eaten without the wrapping.

@clarkafb_brat thanks for your comment. Come try it again the next time you visit manila.

@juanita @myautofocuslife Thanks for your feedbacks guys. Mwah!
posted April 15th, 2012  
Looks delicious
posted April 21st, 2012  
It looks much too beautiful to eat! Wonderful shot!
posted April 28th, 2012  
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