May20 White-on-White by mikegifford

May20 White-on-White

For my get pushed challenge this week from @kali66 "..I didn't see was white on white, so if that appeals please have a go at that this week and educate me...".

This is a white antimicrobial Apple MFi certified Bluetooth barcode scanner using a white background for the shot.
@kali66 Here is my first go at the challenge for the week. I've done other white-on-white and it is challenging to get the details. I've got some other shots in mind. We'll see how this goes this week!
May 21st, 2013  
great start, looks like it is hovering in midair knew I could count on you for an oddball kind of take on it, I have struggles to find white items worthy of a white on white to begin with.
May 21st, 2013  
You always have the strangest gadgets....I would have thought this was a razor at first glance:)
May 21st, 2013  
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