May21 White-on-White {again} by mikegifford

May21 White-on-White {again}

Attempt #3 - for my get pushed challenge this week from @kali66 "..I didn't see was white on white, so if that appeals please have a go at that this week and educate me...".

This time I tried something slightly darker and worked on post editing for the white-on-white. I think it just turned out looking more high-key.
@kali66 Gave it a go again...but I approached the challenge with a slightly darker subject as mentioned. I think it turned out more high-key than white on white.
May 22nd, 2013  
Great textures in the shot.
May 22nd, 2013  
Rabbit, rabbit, white rabbit.
At least he does not fear the dinner table like others I have encountered of late.
May 22nd, 2013  
its really tricky isn't it, the texture of the rabbit gives this lots of grey tones, I see what you mean. I had a go today myself, will process and post shortly, I like how you are trying different aooriaches. so did you change this to monochrome? the trickiest part so far seems to be getting white to look white, rather than different shades of cream...
May 22nd, 2013  
@kali66 Didn't change to monochrome. Shot original with a flash directly on the rabbit, since usually I bounce my flash off a subject. I then brightened with contrast and slightly overexposed. I also did some other tone adjustments. All these changes in Lightroom. I then took the photo into OnOne Perfect Suite as a plug-in to LR. I did some selective highlight adjustments and some glow additions to smooth the outlines a bit. Lastly I took the photo into Photoshop (again through a LR plug-in). The last edit was to make a duplicate layer and look through the lightening blending modes to see what looked best to apply.
May 22nd, 2013  
I really like the overexposed look and the great textures you captured!
May 23rd, 2013  
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