A strange escape by miseria

A strange escape

This week has had power cuts, lost phones and other events! So not much uploading (or much else) was completed. It also has had building work, which is where this photo comes from!

This bee somehow ended up in a large hole made for a pond. She decided that rather than fly out she'd climb out, which wasn't proving very successful, it did make a nice photo however! After rescuing her she quickly flew off.

You can see the extra eyes bees, wasps and ants have in the middle of her head, which look like pretty jewels, and their little hook feet. She looks a bit like she's dressed for a party (with a boa on), but also like a prospector with a giant mustache in a mine.
Love your narrative, had no idea about the extra eyes
April 28th, 2019  
@fbailey Apparently they might use them for telling which way up they are (insects lack the "inner ear" mammals have so can't tell if they're upside down) but no one knows for sure! Flying creatures tend to have 3 whereas ground creatures have just 2 and some lack them entirely (some other things like Mantises also have them).

Once you see them you'll see them allll the time! :D
April 28th, 2019  
@miseria Fascinating!
April 28th, 2019  
Very intriguing. It looks soft, like a stuffed animal, but I don't think I'd want to pet it.
April 29th, 2019  
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