The Glowing Woman by miseria

The Glowing Woman

This is a picture out of order, but I needed to get it up in time! (there will probably be a bunch incoming so I can get back up to date)

This picture is the get pushed challenge for this week, which came from @s4sayer to "take a shot of a person/persons" which is what this is! It's my friend who I did some make up and lighting on.
@s4sayer Thank you for the challenge!
June 5th, 2017  
beautiful portrait - made me think of actresses of the 40's
June 5th, 2017  
June 5th, 2017  
Excellent shot and more ways than I know! I'm left wondering if you've thought of doing more such on 365. Kali's comment says it all. @kali66
June 5th, 2017  
This is gorgeous! Like Annie said - she reminds me of someone in the 40's.
So well executed. Thank you for entering this week's get pushed challenge. Good luck with it!
June 5th, 2017  
Very good Miseria! This is a wonderful portrait
June 5th, 2017  
Superb in every respect - your composition, lighting and processing are all perfect. Hollywood studio shot circa 1950... only better! Big Fav...
June 5th, 2017  
A stunning portrait!
June 5th, 2017  
June 5th, 2017  
beautiful portrait
June 5th, 2017  
Excellent. Love this.
June 5th, 2017  
Brilliant. Fav
June 7th, 2017  
Gah, I don't know why this took me so long to reply to, I didn't mean for it to! :O

@annied Yes! That was the kind of effect I was going after! To me she looks rather like a certain actress of that period (but she doesn't like me to say that) :D

@kali66 Thank you~!

@s4sayer I would really like to do more portraiture, it's one of my favorite things to do! Especially the dressed up, dramatic or extravagant type things. Problem really is i'm a bit shy and terrible at approaching people, so asking them to do such things is quite difficult, so I don't really know anyone to take photos of!

@farmreporter Thank you for choosing it! I think the expression in the photo kind of helps push it into that era! I did wish i'd done the contouring a bit more 'drastic" but it turned out fine in the end! :D

@caterina Having the right model really helped!

@vignouse I liked using usual "trick" of hiding the colors in a "black and white" photo, especially the purple and green (where were actually in the original pretty much). It was nice getting to use low apertures and the 50mm for once too!! :D

@northy @overalvandaan @brigette @helenm2016 @chris17 Thank you all for your kind words~!
June 8th, 2017  
Please, please do more of these! Just see how everyone has fav'd this. Whilst I understand you not knowing anyone...have you thought about colleagues, family, friends, neighbours. I'd be begging you for a portrait if you were on my doorstep! Please channel this talent and ability.
June 8th, 2017  
HI, congats on winning with this pic! We are get pushed partners this week, and I would like you to take action shot please. Iy can be either a human in movement or an animal but I would like you to achieve this through setting your camera and not in editing. If this does not suit, please let me know and I can come up with something else for you. Under my profile are a list of challenges I have already done, please can I ask you to take a moment to have a look at them, thanks. If you find it hard to come up with something for me and it makes it easier for you, then please just give me a word or a phrase/saying and I can will use that as the basis for a picture. Thanks. :)
June 11th, 2017  
I noticed that you have yet to post the finalists for this week's voting.
This should be done ASAP so that a winner of get pushed 254 can be made before 255 ends . The winner then makes their selections on Monday to keep the ball rolling.
Let me know if you can't for any reason and I will do anything I can to help.
(Perhaps just make your selections, let me know which ones, and then I can post them for you).
June 15th, 2017  
@farmreporter Gah, sorry! Something came up and I completely lost track of time and everything somehow. I'll put it up in a minute or so :D

Thank you for reminding me and be so patient!
June 16th, 2017  
I know that life gets really busy at times - not a big deal. I hope you were not offended with the reminder!
June 16th, 2017  
@farmreporter Noo, not at all! :D

By the way I'm just left on deciding on the final 2, it's really hard this time!!
June 16th, 2017  
I know! I always have such a tough time choosing just five for this challenge. Everyone puts such a good effort and submits such great shots. Sometimes wish I could put more into the list!
Looking forward to seeing them!
June 16th, 2017  
Beautiful film noir style shot, great use of light
June 26th, 2017  
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