The Hairy Statuesque Feet Part 3 by miseria

The Hairy Statuesque Feet Part 3

This weeks get pushed challenge came from @aecasey and was to take photos of a foot.

This is a photo of a cat's foot. Well technically it's their hands but it kind of counts! Cats claws are interesting and transparent!

This was also fairly rushed but it came out mostly ok! I should have done some much more interesting things! But anyway, back to filling in stuff. :D
@aecasey Thank you for the challenge~! (I also managed to get a cat) :D
February 5th, 2018  
Oh yes! Love cat paws!!!
February 5th, 2018  
I'm your get pushed partner this week
sorry to hear you're not feeling 100%
keeping with your cat theme how do you feel about capturing "the cat's whiskers?"
February 5th, 2018  
A little disturbing ... but fab for it.
February 5th, 2018  
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